SB’22 San Diego Sustainability Impact Report

Sustainable conference programming that creates a greater impact for people, the planet, and its resources.

SB’22 San Diego - Recenter & Accelerate

Every year, brand leaders and solution providers join together at the global flagship Sustainable Brands (SB) conference to define and demonstrate the path to good growth through sustainable business transformation and brand-led culture change. In October 2022, SB’s annual flagship conference ‘SB’22 San Diego - Recenter & Accelerate’, attendees convened to find a unique mix of inspiration, thought leadership, and unparalleled community connections to unlock the power of sustainable and regenerative business opportunities.


Collective actions on social and environmental challenges

SB believes that all brands have the ability to align business and society on the path to a better future and is committed to improving the social and environmental impact of each conference. Building from proprietary research, combined with additional lessons from first-rate resources in the sustainability space, SB identified a short list of sustainable behaviors that will have the greatest impact on the planet and its people when adopted at scale. It is through the lens of the SB Nine Sustainable BehaviorsTM that SB approached their conference sustainability programming and partnerships. 

The SB’22 San Diego Sustainability Impact Report provides an overview of the strategic partnerships in relation to each behavior. These initiatives enabled SB to reduce the conference’s environmental impact, while also strengthening its own connection, and that of the conference venue, to the local community.

SB’23 San Diego - Regenerating Local

 The Sustainable Brands community will convene for SB’23 San Diego Oct 16-19, 2023. Join us as we explore pathways to strengthen your brand through the lens of Regenerating Local: local (or more local) supply chains, local partnerships, local marketing activations and customer engagement. Our annual conference brings together and enables sustainability, brand, and innovation/R&D leaders to drive successful brand transformation that wins in the market by delivering meaningful value in today’s context and ensures readiness for tomorrow. Register now.


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