SB Brand Transformation Roadmap Insights Report

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Now more than ever the world is facing undeniable challenges associated with environmental damage, social inequities, economic hardship, and other natural and societal changes. Those who respond with speed and clarity on these issues will remain competitive and relevant in the eyes of consumers, investors, employees and others.

Many leading brands are addressing these challenges by taking a hard look at their own operations to understand where they stand in their progress toward becoming a sustainable brand. With the help of the SB Brand Transformation RoadmapSM, organizations are conducting cross-functional self-assessments to identify where they score on a scale of 1 (business as usual) to 5 (profitable, net positive business model). Overall scores incorporate more than just traditional ESG metrics—they are built on the five characteristics that sit at the intersection of branding and sustainability: Purpose, Brand Influence, Operations & Supply Chain, Products & Services, and Governance. These assessments provide reference points, highlight internal strengths and weaknesses, align teams, and accelerate ongoing progress toward sustainability goals.

The SB Roadmap Insights Report, due out in early 2022, examines the results of 110 self-assessments completed by a cross-section of companies, brands, nonprofits, and government entities of varying sizes and industries. From the Report you will:

  • Gain insights gleaned from an analysis of aggregated self-assessment data from 110 participants from a wide range of industries, revenue sizes, and geographies over the past two years
  • Learn details on where organizations are gaining traction in their journey toward sustainability
  • Understand roadblocks encountered by participants
  • Gain an understanding of where the market stands, and how your organization may stand to benefit from a self-assessment

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