Visibility in your End to End supply chain - Ensuring Brand Success and capturing new value with breakthrough SaaS technology

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am PST | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST



This webinar will explain the impact that the fourth industrial revolution (IR4) is having on Supply Chain Visibility. It will provide case studies and an expose on the latest SaaS tools for achieving component level control to maximize visibility and value through full traceability in all tiers of the end to end supply chain.

Focused on the retail apparel industry, but applicable to all brands that manufacture and distribute retail products globally, we will explain how industry's historical approach to Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency governance makes sense in the context of tools that have previously been available.  However, the old ways have weaknesses, relying as they do on self-certification by manufacturers and component suppliers, supported by independent audits.  This methodology informs the retailer what should be happening in the supply chain with no true visibility of what is actually happening, perhaps beyond some visibility in the first tier.

With the advent of new third generation tools such as “Segura”, retailers/brand owners are now being provided with real time transaction data at all tiers within their supply chains, providing full traceability and visibility of what is actually happening transaction by transaction. This also provides the potential for significant financial benefits and profit enhancement to be achieved through cost reductions, supplier consolidation, efficiency improvements, procurement savings, improved quality, increased reliability, scale benefits and increased rebate capture.

This webinar will demonstrate how SaaS solutions deliver visibility and significant value, providing:

  • full integrity in the supply chain with component level insight and control;
  • transaction level visibility and validation down through the supply chain;
  • full traceability of all components and materials used in all products;
  • comprehensive governance and regulatory compliance;
  • significant financial benefits.

The combination of all these factors provides the opportunity for significant brand value enhancement as well as brand risk protection. Best product; Best value; Most Responsible Most Respected Sustainable Corporate Citizen. All in all the potential to be the strongest and have the most sustainable brand positioning in your market.

What you will learn:

  1. How to enhance Brand Value, reduce Supply Chain Brand Risk significantly and achieve comprehensive regulatory compliance through implementation of next generation SaaS technology platforms such as Segura;
  2. How to gain full traceability and component level control in all tiers of the supply chain in the manufacture of your product, giving access to improved reliability, quality and on time delivery;
  3. How to access significant potential increases in profitability through sustainable and responsible sourcing, supply chain integrity and access to all transaction data;
  4. Where to go for a cost effective and easy implementation of a world class supply chain integrity SaaS based solution.

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About The Speakers

Stephen Weir

Stephen Will Weir - Joint Managing Partner, Weir-TS

Stephen Will Weir, joint managing partner of Weir-TS, is a creative and dynamic global supply chain expert with a passion for Sustainability and operational excellence.  Over 20 years of experience in supply chain optimization, he has generated a track record and reputation for delivering transformational change and significant new value and financial benefits in multi-national businesses worldwide.

Stephen has held a number of Board level and senior management roles in both Silicon Valley start-ups and Blue-Chip organizations such as British Oxygen, Tate & Lyle International, Price Waterhouse and DHL Logistics.  He has spoken at and led workshops on Supply Chain Sustainability at numerous conferences across Europe and in the USA.

Peter Needle

Peter Needle - Co-founder and CEO, Segura Ltd.

Peter Needle is a co-founder and CEO of Segura Ltd. The company was founded in 2011 specifically to develop a cloud-based software solution capable of solving the problem of supply chain visibility in global multi-tier supply chains.  Peter was also involved in the early stages of drafting the Modern Slavery bill in the UK, which subsequently became the Modern Slavery Act 2015, dealing with the issue of forced labour.

Prior to founding Segura, Peter was a corporate banker for almost 20 years with HSBC. He led teams in financial, operational and risk management for both corporate and commercial ventures, as well as undertaking roles such as head of life assurance for Europe. Peter also coordinated a number of other entrepreneurial projects, including working at a sportswear start-up brand, making him well placed to comment on the retail industry, as well as supply chain management and effective global sourcing.

Simon Nicholl

Simon Nicholls - Joint Managing Partner, Weir-TS

Simon is an experienced executive director, with broad experience in international business as an independently minded executive in complex organisations.  He has a global track record in both rapid growth and distressed situations in the public company environment, creating, driving and mentoring teams to achieve the desired outcomes and execute on delivering the business improvement agenda, in turn enabling value creation. 

Simon, a UK Chartered Accountant, started his career with Price Waterhouse and subsequently spent 20 years in senior financial and CFO roles in three publicly listed UK companies.  He joined Weir-TS in 2017, as joint managing partner, and is head of Strategic and Financial Advisory services.

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