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Top 15 Tools & Trends to Reimagining Business Models, Strategy and ROI

Many experts have been observing over the last couple of years that innovating for sustainability seems to be approaching mainstream attention, particularly at Fortune 500 companies and among forward-looking social entrepreneurs. As many stakeholders — including, but not limited to, customers, employees, and investors — begin to re-evaluate their perception of value, it is becoming imperative in the eyes of executives of all industries to credibly measure, analyze and innovate along the entire range of benefits and costs for which they are responsible.

That being said, however, not all mainstream attention necessarily translates to mainstream action. The leaps from intelligence, to intention, to justification, to action, on any level, are often non-trivial or even downright daunting.

In line with our mission to inspire, engage and – very importantly – equip all brands to succeed by leading a shift to a sustainable global economy, the Sustainable Brands community continues to aggregate, digest and share leading-edge approaches to making tangible progress on reimagining business models, strategies and ROI projections for sustainability.

The present collection is based on some of the cream-of-the-crop thought leadership our platform hosted in 2013, and we can barely wait for even more advanced examples at Sustainable Brands '14 San Diego in June.




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