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Top 12 Consumer Insights

People around the world are changing their attitudes, behavior and consumption patterns to support products and services that shift toward a global economy with health, dignity and happiness for all.

Brands that embrace this shift are seeing business success across multiple levels.

This complimentary content collection showcases best-in-class consumer engagement studies that reflect how customers positively connect with brands' environmental and social sustainability programs – plus shares potential reasons for disconnect. It's a wealth of hard data and compelling insights by top-notch researchers curated exclusively for the Sustainable Brands community.



Download This Complimentary Top Collection and Discover:

  • The evolution of research methods — how and why researchers are moving away from 'cold' surveys and statistics-powered segmentation techniques when gathering consumer insight
  • How researchers are unlocking value from the latest advances in social and cognitive sciences
  • How emerging qualitative methods such as ethnographic research and empathy interviews are augmenting survey-driven statistical segmentation for deeper insight
  • Featured sections about why online behavior, wearable tech and the quantified-self movement are driving the 'personal data economy'















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