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Surprising Business Value from New Metrics of Sustainability

Learn how today's forward looking companies are learning to better manage and communicate their efforts and generate Surprising Business Value from New Metrics of Sustainability.

This FREE download – prepared by HIP Investor in partnership with Sustainable Brands – will provide insight into the new leading indicators of performance – those focused on solving society's most pressing social and environmental challenges while delivering enhanced business and brand value.

To benefit from insights presented at the 2011 New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference, simply complete the form to learn:

  • How Trane, a unit of Ingersoll-Rand, implemented a Real-Estate Efficiency Ratio to reduce operational expenses
  • How Infosys uses "Human Capital Value" as an asset on its balance sheet
  • How Puma is working to mitigate liabilities by placing a hard monetary value on carbon, water, land use, pollution and waste across its entire supply chain, and more!

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