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The Time for Bold Movement is Upon Us: Reporting 3.0 Positive Mavericks Build Bridges to an Integral Economy

Reporting 3.0 follows a ten-part series on Sustainable Brands, which shares key concepts and recommendations from Reporting Blueprint and Data Blueprint. The report exemplifies how reporting can play a trigger function for necessary economic system design transformation. Beneath this hypothesis, is an assumption that the current economic system design, predicated as it is on perpetual (compounded) economic growth on a bounded planet with finite resources, is inherently unsustainable, so it must be transformed.

This new global framework for sustainability reporting is not meant to sit alongside existing players of standards and frameworks that integrate sustainability into corporate performance metrics and reporting, but to spur an aggressive movement toward transformative change by transcending and including existing initiatives. R3 plays a "global common good" R&D role for innovation that applies across the reporting field and creates recommendations that apply to all players in the field, essentially setting the agenda for innovation.

What You Will Learn:

  • The nine key principles that can spur the emergence of a green, inclusive and open economy
  • How we can transform today's ESG Data into tomorrow's actionable knowledge
  • What is needed for scalability? How we can upshift from micro- to macro-Level sustainability
  • How context-based multicapitalism can be used as a timeline for tracking the rate of progress needed across multiple interrelated dimensions
  • How can we can integrate data amongst and across the multiple capitals across subjective and objective perspectives at the individual and collective levels to spur change in the real world

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