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How to Optimize Brand Strategy, Marketing & Communications in Support of Sustainable Products and Services Now

In early June 2015, Sustainable Brands convened over 2,000 business leaders from around the globe in San Diego, CA, for four days of extraordinary conversations demonstrating how innovation for sustainability is changing the landscape of product and service design, brand strategy, marketing, communications, finance and human resources. By outlining key macro trends, brand stories and science-based evidence, speakers proved that purpose-driven brands are not only alive, but also quickly becoming essential to surviving and thriving as a business in a complex 21st century economy.

This handpicked series of highlights, specifically dedicated to brand strategy, marketing and communications, points to some of the event’s most valuable content. You will find key new insights and best practices from brands such as Heineken, Target, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, New Balance, and more.

We hope the thought leadership and case studies inspire new ideas and help you contribute to a more sustainable economy for all of us.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to successfully bridge the gap between sustainability and marketing teams.
  • Discover how to scale stakeholder engagement campaigns in favor of sustainability initiatives.
  • Find out how partnerships can create awareness, understanding and advocacy among employees, consumers and youth.
  • Explore how innovative peer-to-peer models can create new layers of shared value.
  • Find out how to inform, justify, and expand a product portfolio shift in favor of sustainability attributes.
  • Discover the power of original content and meme-ready constructs in communicating sustainability-driven brand values.
  • Learn about effective communication strategies, such as social media and crowd-funding, that are successful in reaching mainstream appeal.

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