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New Insights on Brand Positioning & Communications in Support of Sustainability Programs

How do you enable a brand to innovate for sustainability and lead the way to a better future? Many in the Sustainable Brands community are asking that question, and some are providing inspiring answers by demonstrating integration of sustainability principles as key drivers of business and brand value, deep into the identities of their organizations.

These success stories are raising the bar on what will be expected of tomorrow's brands, and you can join them on this unfolding collective journey by following the collection of summary highlights presented in our Learning from Leaders series.

The series explores distilled expertise on multiple topics, with this installment devoted to Brand Positioning and Communications.


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  • What market forces are transforming business and how to "futureproof" your brand by taking a lead role in an emerging sustainable brand renaissance
  • Why cultural shifts and technological advances have the potential to enable a dramatic revitalization of local and peer-to-peer economies
  • Who is tapping into breakthrough innovation by re-imagining entire business models commonly taken for granted
  • How to design for behavior change by encouraging more responsible consumption without sacrificing the bottom line
  • How to extend the reach of environmental and social innovation into core corporate functions such as human resources, finance, and marketing
  • How to harness the secret powers of effective storytelling in a complex, multi-stakeholder sustainability journey
  • How the trust economy is evolving and what implications it has for building brand value through increasingly transparent partnerships

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