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Integral Thinking & True Materiality

ThriveAbility sets its sights higher than sustainability — in part to inspire greater excitement and innovation, and in part to give the world a greater margin for error as we try to re-engineer a new global economic operating system together.

In this complimentary resource, based on leveraging the work of the ThriveAbility Foundation, the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR), the Reporting 3.0 and New Metrics platforms, as well as other interactions within the global Sustainable Brands community, author Ralph Thurm lays out his vision for how integral thinking and true materiality can catalyze a regenerative and inclusive economy.



What You Will Learn:

  • How true materiality reconciles what GISR Founder Allen White calls “the artificial distinctions between internal and external materiality.”
  • How to go about assessing positive and negative impacts on the common capitals that are vital to stakeholder wellbeing in terms of ongoing viability of these capitals within the thresholds of their carrying capacities.
  • How integral thinking is different from integrated thinking, why that matters, and how integral thinking transcends a limited focus on external realities by integrating internal dynamics as well.
  • How to think about mindset shifts needed to transition to ThriveAbility, and how to map the center of gravity of our mindsets in terms of psychological and cultural stages of development.
  • How to take practical steps to acknowledging the existential crises we face, as a corporate community and as a society, and how to rise to the occasion by tapping into our human genius and resilience through inspiration and aspiration toward true thriving.

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