Complimentary Report

Enabling The Good Life:

A Compilation of 11 Sector Trends & Opportunities from SB'17 Detroit

Conducted across 11 key industries, this report is a compilation of the insights gathered at SB'17 Detroit where the call to action was around 'Redefining the Good Life'. Innovation Lab sessions were conducted for 3 consecutive days, across 11 different industry sectors.

Good Apparel, Good Chemistry, Good Cities, Good Energy, Good Food, Good Homes, Good Logistics, Good Mobility, Good Packaging, Good Retail, and Good Supply Chains. Conference attendees self selected their preferred industry area and were able to contribute in robust discussion around cutting-edge innovations in that particular industry.


What You Will Learn:

  • A sector-by-sector snapshot of top challenges and barriers preventing innovation and progress
  • Critical recommendations, actions and bright spots for individual sectors to advance innovation and drive real solutions
  • Major trends and themes, related to The Good Life, that cut across multiple sectors
  • Compelling opportunities and disruptors that are changing business, for today and tomorrow

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