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EY-Sustainable Brands Purpose-led Brands Survey Insights

Purpose represents the "why" an organization or brand is in business, and Purpose-led organizations are increasingly cited as having the formula for cultural and financial success. As the prevalence of Purpose-led companies and brands increases, to what degree are these organizations really ready to deliver on their Purpose promise?

In 2016, EY and Sustainable Brands® conducted a survey among the Sustainable Brands community to understand how leading organizations are bringing Purpose to life and delivering meaningful benefits, including, but also beyond, profit. You will find key insights and themes around the challenges and benefits of Activating Purpose from companies of different sizes and different industries. We encourage you to use this study as a tool for generating the competitive advantage that comes from delivering real, meaningful value with integrity.

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover the unexpected challenges that come after a brand defines it's Purpose
  • Learn about the varying impact of sustainability performance on brand value by industry
  • Understand the different reasons that small and large companies have for leveraging Purpose
  • Find out the ways that sustainability functions are often underutilized, including in cost-reduction and revenue creation
  • Read about the often overlooked, potential connection between organizational Purpose and the United Nations SDGs

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