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5 Trends Leading to Purposeful Innovation in Europe

In September 2016, Sustainable Brands will convene global leaders to join us at Sustainable Brands ’16 Copenhagen. In advance of this event, we pulled together five strong trends and challenges that are influencing the business climate in most, if not all, European economies.

These five trends include the lasting impacts of migration, new trade agreements between the EU and the US, the rise of a circular economy, the growth of smart cities for improved livability, and the multiple roads leading to entrepreneurship in Europe.

This report showcases the purposeful innovation is that is arising out of these megatrends, how companies are harnessing the power of change, the growth of key new partnerships and tools, and examples of how companies big and small are reacting.

What You Will Learn:

  • About innovations that have the potential to provide relief to the growing migration crisis.
  • How companies in Europe are utilizing the circular economy to boost economic growth, add jobs and benefit the environment.
  • About Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and the EU and its implication for consumer-driven demand of untainted products.
  • About partnerships that are harnessing the latest available technologies to improve resource use and overall livability of dense European cities.
  • The multiple roads leading to entrepreneurship in Europe.

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