Complimentary Report

2016 Sustainability Leaders Survey

A GlobeScan/SustainAbility collaboration in partnership with Sustainable Brands asked 907 stakeholders in business, government, NGOs and academia across 84 countries to evaluate the progress that the private sector, NGOs and national governments have made in recent years and reflect on their expectations for the near future. Respondents identified key drivers of sustainable business leadership and named specific companies, NGOs and national governments perceived as current leaders around the world.

This edition of the Sustainability Leaders Survey is also the first since the adoption of the Paris Agreement. In December 2015, the international community expressed unanimous commitment to tackling climate change and limiting global warming to below 2C. Governments, companies and other stakeholders polled for this year’s survey now operate in an environment profoundly different from previous years in terms of ambition, urgency and consensus about the sustainable development agenda.

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