Complimentary Report

100 Powerful Consumer Insights Quotes

Demonstrating Customers’ Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Products and Services

Shifting societal demand and behavior in favor of more sustainable products and services is one of the most challenging – and most promising – opportunities for brands today. Doing so profitably, while innovating rapidly to remain a leader in a changing market environment, can be both exciting and intimidating. There are a number of steps brands can take in that direction, and it all starts with making the business case.

To help the Sustainable Brands community find and articulate evidence that customers are willing to shop for more sustainable options, we have compiled a complimentary report listing 100 compelling customer insights from leading researchers, including MIT Sloan, National Geographic, Accenture, Nielsen, GlobeScan, and more. Such a collection not only delivers immediately-digestible market intelligence, but it also shares links to the full studies for a more comprehensive review of the underlying data.

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