Complimentary Case Studies

Reaching New Heights in Sustainability

Case studies allow us to examine a company and its experience with a specific business challenge. As a learning and collaboration community devoted to providing diversity of insights and ideas, Sustainable Brands brings you a collection of case studies devoted to sharing solutions and results from leaders in the community.

Learn from Chipotle, HP, Lipton, Desso and Levi’s as you discover how companies are addressing certain business challenges and the results they have achieved.


  • How Chipotle used content marketing, advertising and PR to not only increase awareness of their sustainability initiatives, but increase sales and same-quarter profit as well.
  • How Desso embraced Cradle to Cradle® design principles in pursuit of a circular economy business model and the challenges it faced in redesigning its product line.
  • How HP succeeded at launching a global campaign and partnership designed to engage over 275,000 employees in its Living Progress corporate sustainability initiative.
  • How Levi’s incorporated ‘design for sustainability thinking’ into the product development process to promote responsible design, production and consumption behaviors while increasing business success.
  • How Lipton Turkey translated the challenge of diminishing natural resources into delivering environmental and social benefits plus business success by establishing collaborative partnerships.

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