Complimentary Case Study

Matter to a Million: How HP Structured and Executed its Partnership with Kiva

In February 2014 HP launched Matter to a Million, a five-year global partnership with non-profit micro-lending platform Kiva. In the first stage of this novel collaboration, HP provided a $25 credit for every one of its employees to lend to borrowers on Kiva, connecting HP employees with entrepreneurs in a number of countries. By strategically engaging leadership teams throughout the company and relying on friendly competition among employees, Matter to a Million has had phenomenal success in its first six months – more than 115,000 HP employees are already lending over $4.2 million, and counting. The program is clearly striking a chord with HP’s global employee base by providing an easy, entertaining and rewarding way to invest in intriguing entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. In addition, due to the innovative spirit of the campaign, the remarkable adoption rate to date, as well as the positive buzz generated among key stakeholders, both HP and Kiva are reaping an additional layer of brand value associated with being pioneers in a new type of win-win employee engagement.

What You Will Learn:

  • What HP’s internal motivation behind this collaboration was, and how the company went about choosing a partner based on specific objectives
  • How the program was set up, launched, communicated and popularized over time among HP employees
  • What success metrics HP and Kiva have chosen to focus on, and why

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