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Engaging customers in sustainability efforts enables us to increase the reach and impact of these programs, while simultaneously driving demand. Each December, the Sustainable Brands Member Network gathers for a full day of interactive learning and community-led insights on the intersectionality of Marketing and Sustainability. Specifically, we explore how we can collectively shift cultural norms and inspire customers to demand and adopt more sustainable behaviors. This annual meeting also includes a CMO Roundtable session for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Senior Marketing Leads to consider key current challenges marketers face, and for the larger SB Member community to learn and support from these industry leaders.

On December 7th, CMOs, senior Marketing leads, Sustainability practitioners, and brand experts who influence sustainable communications in their organizations will come together for SB's immersive Member-led meeting. The 2023 meeting will be hosted by Salesforce, and feature panels, sessions and workshops on:

  • Defining good, purpose-driven growth through brand transformation, including responsible tech as a force for good growth and leveraging artificial intelligence to drive DEI acceleration 
  • Using frameworks to measure the ROI of sustainability and social impact
  • Overcoming systemic structural barriers to steer business toward positive sales and solutions, and navigating the tension between driving change and playing it safe (our CMO Roundtable)

This gathering is part of our Member Meeting series, intended to create a safe and productive space for discussion, raise shared obstacles and insights, and enable co-creation of solutions that drive progress for all.

What is good growth? SB defines it as growth that a company or an economy could achieve without doing harm to either society or the environment, while also acting to create and support conditions essential to a just, healthy, resilient and flourishing future for all stakeholders. 

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Thursday, December 7, 2023:

8:30am - Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mike Dupee, VP of Membership, Sustainable Brands 

Marc Mathieu, SVP AI Transformation + Vice Chair, Salesforce 

9:00am - Educational Pulsecheck

Marc Mathieu, SVP AI Transformation + Vice Chair, Salesforce 

9:15am - Executive Spotlight: Leveraging the Powers of Responsible Intelligence to Enable Sustainable Business Ecosystems

Jenny Liu, Global Head Sustainability Practice, Salesforce

Marc Mathieu, SVP AI Transformation + Vice Chair, Salesforce

Dirk Herbert, Chief Strategy Officer, Dentsu

Paul Dooley, Head of Global Business Development AdTech/MarTech/CMO Solutions, Amazon Web Services

With the increasing need for on-demand business solutions to meet emerging customer and marketplace challenges, Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks, platforms, and tools provide endless possibilities that can make the most routine - and imaginative - opportunities a reality. But with such expansive options at the click of our fingertips, how can businesses and brands responsibly utilize these various intelligences to benefit and safeguard their customers? Even more, how are brand leaders, sustainability practitioners and subject-matter experts working together to drive good growth through greater transparency and accountability for stakeholder protections, while leveraging efficiency to reduce harmful impacts to the environment and society? Learn how global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expert Salesforce is leading this endeavor for B2B stakeholders, and working alongside other consumer brands to bring the power of AI to the hearts and homes of today's sustainability-minded consumers.

10:15am - Making the Most of Your SB Membership

Mike Dupee, VP of Membership, Sustainable Brands 

10:30am - Purposeful Break

11:00am - CMO Roundtable at the December Member Meeting

1:30pm - Navigating a Changing Scope of Sustainability, and Determining the Best Practices for Stakeholders to Inspire Systems Change

Dirk Herbert, Chief Strategy Officer, Dentsu

Tara Moss, EVP and Global Head of Consulting, Dentsu

More and more, marketing and brand leaders find themselves in need of tools, insights, and best practices to meet the evolving sustainability expectations of multi-generational stakeholders. Explore two navigation tools that support deeper intelligence on shifting consumer perceptions around sustainable products and purchases, and examine the gaps between those emerging views amid marketing priorities. Discover the best communication practices and recommendations of today's leading North American marketing practitioners who focus on shifting mindsets, behaviors, and sustainable outcomes of dynamic consumers.

2:00pm - Examining Data-Driven Analytics and Insights to Understand Complex Consumer Behaviors

Randi Kronthal-Sacco, Senior Scholar of Marketing and Corporate Outreach, New York University Stern Center for Sustainable Business School

Join institutional business experts from the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business to review brand-agnostic data on consumer responsiveness to environmental and social advertising and review industry-wide insights to learn how sustainable marketing can impact product and service sales. Participate in an exclusive environmental advertising study and analysis and learn how your brand can implement data-driven strategies to activate more sustainable behaviors.

2:30pm - Turning New ESG Requirements into New Business Opportunities for Growth, Leadership, and ROI

Daniel Aronson, Founder, Valutus

New regulations and requirements, such as EU regulations and double materiality, have made sustainability both more important and more complicated. And they have also created new opportunities for internal relevance, business growth, and sustainability leadership. In this interactive workshop, learn about new and emerging regulations for 2024, experience tools that can help create more growth and impact and identify next steps to support your business in shifting new requirements into new ROI.

Explore the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) adoption of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) double materiality compliance, ahead of the session.

3:15pm - Afternoon Break

3:30pm - Implementing Impact Model Accounting Technology & Frameworks to Realize Meaningful Social Value and ROI

Kate McGarrahan, Strategy Directory, Revolt London

Rick Arscott, US Business Lead, Revolt London

4:15pm - Examining How AI is Accelerating Access and Adoption of Customer-Friendly Clean Beauty Ingredients Across Brands

Alexandra Lanphier, Senior Sustainability Manager, Ulta Beauty

Learn how innovative retail and consumer brand leader Ulta Beauty is driving greater awareness and adoption of clean, sustainable products through industry-leading technology, creating clearer pathways to product verification, process transparency and data-proven ESG labeling. Hear how their influence is helping shape the future of product labeling for dozens of beauty and wellness brands, and best practices to shift sustainable behaviors across the value chain.

4:45pm - End of Day Reflection



Who should attend

Sustainable Brands curates Member-exclusive experiences for our network to help guide their journeys toward becoming truly sustainable brands. This meeting is available to the SB Member community networks only.

*All SB member meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.



Registration details:

Please note that the deadline to register is Friday, December 1st.