Meeting Overview:

As more and more industries brace for the future, integrated sustainability has become a proven metric of success for organizations poised to address the critical needs of their consumers and communities. However, the path toward Brand sustainability isn’t a linear one. As with any business development, pitfalls and learned practices along the journey are to be expected, and ultimately the road to sustainable success is your own. 

Sustainable Brands is centered around the success of brands evolving their purpose to meet the needs of their consumer, while proactively supporting and advancing social and environmental causes. With more than a decade of expertise, proven processes for scalable systems-change, and language to intelligently identify the path forward, Sustainable Brands developed the Brand Transformation Roadmap - specifically designed for mainstream brands and businesses who are navigating their journey towards more sustainable business practices. 

This Member-exclusive interactive workshop will empower Corporate and Affiliate Brands with the tools to accelerate their journey across 5 corporate sustainability pillars:

  • Purpose

  • Brand Influence

  • Operations and Supply Chain

  • Products and Services

  • Governance

Brand Transformation Roadmap experts will steer the morning workshop, providing science-based insights, peer-led discussion, and an interactive forum for Members to share best practices in their ongoing journeys towards becoming a more sustainable Brand.


Who Should Attend:

This Brand Transformation Workshop is specifically for SB Corporate Members and Affiliate Members who are interested in interactive solutions-building while at Sustainable Brands Flagship Conference. Through this workshop, participants have the unique opportunity to convene around the benchmarking self assessment tool, The Brand Transformation Roadmap, and engage in peer-to-peer mentorship with Brands currently using the tool to track their journey toward greater sustainability. We encourage participation from those who have taken the assessment, and those interested in learning how The Roadmap supports systems-wide change and accountability for Brands.