Discussion Group Overview



What are Discussion groups:


Discussion Groups, which are sourced directly from Member feedback, dive into specific topics of shared interest. Each ongoing, virtual group offers a dedicated focus on learning, exploration and problem-solving related to a single topic that is material to the Members in the network. Each gathering is typically 90-minutes, and participants have the ability to stay connected via the Member Hub in between sessions, allowing them to deepen their collective focus on specific ESG-related areas of interest within a smaller, dedicated group of peers. 

Explore challenges, industry complexities and system-wide opportunities for innovative and sustainable solutions:


  • Co-create practices, standards, tools systems and relevant outputs that support brand strategies, creates greater collaboration, and progresses shared commitment;
  • Champion brand and customer transformation through authenticity, development, transparency, and purpose

This Discussion Group track will convene twice this year and may be structured as participating Members determine best. Members will coalesce around ideas and influence change through their collective power , shared experiences, and proven methodologies to generate insight and lay the groundwork for future solution-oriented actions. We encourage Members who are responsible for corporate social responsibility, community or stakeholder engagement, employee or human resource groups, ethical sourcing and supplies, within the communications and marketing suite or philanthropy to join this Discussion Group, along with any others who are interested in the topic.

We want to create an opportunity to network and problem solve, using the power of the Member network.


How can Members participate:


Discussion Group access is as follows: 

1 participant for Bronze Members 

2 participants for Silver Members 

3 participants for Gold Members

Participant access grants one person the ability to attend this Discussion Group and any recurring meetings associated with the Measuring and Communicating Social Impact Discussion Group during your SB membership term. Simply register for virtual attendance below.


Meeting Details

90 - Minute Agenda:

  • SB Welcome and Introduction (5mins)
  • Open Forum: Understanding and Goal Setting (10mins)

Examine Discussion Group data and opportunities for deeper understanding, and establish goals and objectives for attending participants

  • Member-led Discovery and Discussion (25 mins)

Hear from fellow global brand leaders as they share exclusive insights, proven practices and teachable moments to improve how brands measure and communicate social impact initiatives.

An opportunity for Q&A will be available for continued discussion. 

  • Breakout Session (25mins)

In self-selected intimate forums, discuss topic challenges, barriers, potential solutions, and identify collective intentions with like-minded thought leaders.

  • Open Forum: High-level Debrief (15mins)
  • Creating a Shared Vision Forward: What's Next? (10mins)


Meeting Venue

This discussion will be hosted virtually on the Zoom Meetings platform.