Meeting Overview

Member Meetings are premier opportunities to impart your expert thought leadership and share your brands' measurable sustainability journey toward regeneration. Attend the upcoming March Member Meeting, where brand leaders and subject-matter experts will share their ongoing migration from business-as-usual toward achieving Good Growth for business. Hear how brands are defining good growth through brand transformation, what tools and frameworks they're using to measure impacts, and how they are overcoming barriers across stakeholders, structures and systems to steer business toward positive sales and solutions.

This hybrid Meeting provides an opportunity to learn, share and collaborate on how brands across the SB Member network, and their stakeholders, pursue good growth through brand transformation and brand-led culture change initiatives: 

  • Interact with executive panels that examine how brand leaders are tackling escalating stakeholder expectations, managing barriers to progress, and advancing corporate ESG impacts
  • Participate in collaborative breakout sessions that dive into industry and topic-specific challenges alongside sustainability professionals and subject-matter experts
  • Learn from informative case studies that provide proven frameworks and brand models that shift the standard dialogue into decision drivers designed to accelerate change across the business


Who should attend

Sustainable Brands curates Member-exclusive experiences for our network to help guide their journeys toward becoming truly sustainable brands. This Meeting is available to the SB Corporate Member, Affiliate Member, and Brands for Good networks only.

*All SB Member Meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.




Day 1: Wednesday, March 29th

12:30pm    Member Meeting Welcome 

Darren Beck, VP, Membership, Sustainable Brands 

Laura Nador, President, CHEP North America 

1:00pm      What is Good Growth? 

Darren Beck, VP, Membership, Sustainable Brands 

Vishal Patell, SVP, Marketing, Strategy & Transformation, CHEP North American 

Jay Milliken, Senior Partner, Sustainability and Societal Impact, Prophet 

Aman Singh, Director, Global Communications - Sustainability, Walmart

Hear from industry-leading brands as they create, collaborate and accelerate sustainable business frameworks to drive economic systems towards change and encourage customers across the value chain to invest in positive business growth.

2:00pm      What is Good Growth Breakout Session

Through small group interactive discussions, explore the strategies and tactics global brands are employing to create solutions for today's evolving ESG business challenges. Examine proven practices, absorb expert feedback, and share key takeaways from peer brand leaders tackling similar sustainability issues and concerns.

3:30pm     Operations and Supply Chains that Support Regenerative Businesses

JJ Freijo, Chief Sustainability Officer, Brambles

Jennifer Schmidt, Senior Sustainability Manager, Avient

Sarah Farrell, Director, Strategic Partnerships, ClimatePartner

Learn how brands are identifying and integrating innovative systems, processes and products in order to drive positive change forward in their operations and supply chains. 

4:15pm    Good Living: Connecting the Intention-to-Action Gap through Sustainable Sourcing, Design,

and Innovation 

Christine Smitz, Senior Manager, Brand Transformation, Sustainable Brands

Joanne Dwyer, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, PetSmart 

Kate Herbert, Senior Marketing Manager, General Mills 

Roberto Bertin, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Walmart 

Explore how brands are linking positive interests to consumer impact by energizing mindful stakeholders in emerging and innovative ways. 

5:15pm     End of Day 1 Reflection


Day 2: Thursday, March 30th

8:30am     Member Meeting Day 2 Welcome

Darren Beck, VP, Membership, Sustainable Brands

8:45am     Bio-based Brands Offering Alternative Paths to Accelerated Good

Renee Henze, Director, Global Marketing & Sustainability, IFF

Ann Lee-Jeffs, Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability, Modern Meadow

Binita Bhuta, VP, Marketing & Sustainability, Covation Biomaterials

Uncover the emerging world of biobased materials, ingredients and processes that are fueling today's bioeconomy. Discover how unique engineering, advanced operational partnerships, and a commitment to biodiverse solutions are creating new, innovative pathways toward scalable regenerative businesses. 

9:30am     Preparing for Propelled Good Growth through the Next Generation of Stakeholders

Lauren Lake, Social Impact Director, Discovery Education

Shira Haaz, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Subaru 

Deidra Parrish Williams, Global Corporate Citizenship Leader, Trane Technologies 

Learn about the significance of generations Z and Alpha as mindful consumers and societal contributors who are proactive about doing and buying 'good.'

11:15am     Tools for Advancement & Technology for Impact Exploratory Session

Dan Ratner, Co-Founder & CEO, Public Good

Roman Smith, Director, Global Environmental Sustainability & Social Innovation, AT&T

Explore how brands are meeting the urgency of the moment by creating tools and harnessing technology for the betterment of stakeholders. 

12:00pm     End of Meeting Reflection and Closure


Registration Details

Please note the deadline to register is Wednesday, March 22nd at 5:00pm PT