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This September, hear how global brand leaders are transforming business-as-usual models into emerging and purpose-driven catalysts for a more regenerative tomorrow. Together we’ll examine the various complexities and challenges brands are encountering, including compliance frameworks and customer communication, as they navigate towards achieving transparent and transformational governance. You’ll learn how corporate executives are championing ESG initiatives and working across stakeholder groups to embrace and meet today’s sustainability opportunities and connect with like-minded peers to share knowledge and build future collaborations.


Member Meeting Agenda:


Wednesday, September 7, 2022:

1:00 pm - Welcome

Darren Beck, Sustainable Brands

What is transformational leadership, and how can brands catalyze this mindset into a movement they can leverage for a more sustainable and regenerative business framework? Kick off our two-day meeting with VP of Membership Darren Beck as we explore the many pathways that today's brands, and their chief leaders, are trekking toward systems-changing ESG objectives.

1:30 pm - Executive Panel Discussion: Making the Case for Transformational Leadership

Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines
Evangeline Marzec, Microsoft 
Peter ter Weeme, British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Each day, corporate executives and brand leaders are charged with driving their organizations forward toward a spectrum of business goals, all while facing the urgency and uncertainty of accelerating environmental and social disruptions. The complexities embedded between achieving organizational KPIs, satisfying stakeholder expectations, adhering to escalating disclosures and an evolving customer are top of mind for today’s acute executive. How are chief leaders and officers examining the whole landscape to make a valuable case for true transformational leadership? Even then, in what ways are leaders propelling this change through the organization to spark authentic brand transformation? Hear from Alaska Airlines VP of Public Affairs & Sustainability Diana Birkett Rakow on how the industry-leading airline paved their own roadway to success, and ways other key brands such as Microsoft and British Columbia Lottery Corporation are taking the lead in shifting their own industries toward a new business as usual.

2:30 pm - Break

2:45 pm - Understanding and Adopting Corporate Political Responsibility

Elizabeth Doty, Erb Institute 
Evangeline Marzec, Microsoft 

At the intersection of environmental, social and governance objectives lies Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) and the dynamic pillars that support this foundational framework. Amid rising reputational risks, escalating pressure across economic and social systems, and calls for authentic accountability and leadership, corporations are being challenged to activate their enterprises for greater, systemic change. Learn about CPR from brand-agnostic experts and determine how it relates to your organization.  Participate in a two-part interactive session from academic leaders University of Michigan’s Erb Institute, and hear how their Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce is creating a new standard for corporate engagement. Then join Erb and fellow SB Members to examine, review and deliberate best practices, tools, and guidelines for CPR in businesses today.   

3:45 pm - Purposeful Break

4:15 pm - Examining and Applying CPR Principles: Erb Institute

(Workshop Round I)

4:45 pm - Examining and Applying CPR Principles: Erb Institute

(Workshop Round II)

5:15 pm - Workshop Reflection and CPR Taskforce

Elizabeth Doty, Erb Institute

5:30 pm - End of Day Reflection

Darren Beck, Sustainable Brands


Thursday, September 8th, 2022

8:00 am - Day 2 Welcome and Agenda Review

Darren Beck, Sustainable Brands

8:15 am - Session Coming Soon!

9:00 am - Sourcing A Just and Equitable Transition to Net Zero

Buro Happold
World Resources Institute

Transformative leaders generate change that thoughtfully uplifts both the planet and the people living on it. How are brands aligning their environmental SBTIs to societal impacts for a more mindful and equitable transition to net zero? Join Just-labeled social impact experts Buro Happold as they lead a dynamic conversation on the relationship between ESG goals and ways to measure and report on the journey to a more just transition. 

10:00 am - Purposeful Break

10:30 am - Beyond Beauty: Accelerating Systems-level Impact Through Purpose-driven Brand Influence

Rachel Zipperian, Procter & Gamble Companies

For brands tackling the interconnected sustainability challenges of tomorrow, the need to rethink our conventional patterns and frameworks is more imperative than ever. Beauty and care products sit at the helm of personal choice and trust, presenting brands the opportunity to encourage sustainable consumer change, provide products with purpose, and normalize ethical expectations that ripple beyond the bathroom counter. Join P&G Principal Scientist and Communications Director Rachel Zipperian as she reframes our approach to leading a regenerative business. True industry leaders, learn how P&G is shaping the future of brand ESG through a systems-level lens to responsible and thoughtful sourcing, inclusive design, and catalytic impact.

11:30 am - Bridging Transformation through the Brand Value Chain

Sarah Bostwick, Philip Morris International 

Discover how companies are grounding their sustainable business transformation in a more responsible, engaged, and committed governance. Examine protocols, metrics, and insights to support brands eager to strengthen their integrated leadership and bring it to life across their brand purpose, strategy, long-term goal setting, and measuring and reporting. In a league of their own, learn how Philip Morris International has created, and elevated, its internal management through a new sustainability index initiative, executive KPIs, and driving business transformation through internal change agents and ESG champions. 

12:30 am - Meeting Reflection, Areas of Activation and Next Steps

1:00 pm - Meeting Ends


Who should attend:

Sustainable Brands curates Member-exclusive experiences for our network to help guide their journeys toward becoming truly sustainable brands. This meeting is available to the SB Corporate Member and Affiliate Member networks only.

*All SB member meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.


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Please note that the deadline to register is Thursday, September 1, 2022.