Discussion Group Overview

Discussion Groups, which complement larger Member Meetings during the year, enable you to dig into a specialized subject area with a smaller group of peers on a regular basis.

Brand sustainability goes beyond conserving the planet and preserving profits: it’s aims to cultivate inclusive & resilient societies. Consumers are vocal about using their purchasing power for products and services that stand on purpose, with a special valuation for organizations who surpass the status quo. The past year has illuminated long embedded social inequities like never before, and Brands around the world are being asked about their specific calls to action in support of justice and progress. Members in this Discussion Group explore JEDI measures, gaps of opportunity and thoughtfully integrated ideas to spark influential change, including specific topics like:

  • Brand Advocacy and The Power of Social Movements

  • Aligning DEI Strategies with your Business Model

  • How Brand Purpose + Strategic Performance = Social Progress 

  • Product Design for Interabled Communities

This discussion will be led by Group Chair Gwen Migita, VP Sustainability, Social Impact & DEI, Caesars Entertainment, and Taylor Stanley, Head of Sustainability, Riverside Natural Foods.  They will be supported by Daniel Aronson, Founder of Valutus.

With more than 500 active members across 80 companies around the world, Discussion Groups are premier opportunities to create solution-oriented spaces within the member network. By supporting the Groups through Discussion leadership roles, you can empower your member voice and contribute directly to the thought leadership and improved ESG of tomorrow.


Who should attend:

This Discussion Group is specifically for SB Corporate Members and select SB Affiliate Members who are invited to participate. Through this discussion, Members have the unique opportunity to critically consider, ideate and develop actions for ESG challenges facing brands around the world. We encourage members who are responsible for developing and sustaining Brand culture, DEI efforts and impact, community relations, public affairs, communications and marketing, and HR, along with any others who are interested in the topic to join this Discussion Group. 

How to attend and participate:

SB Corporate and Affiliate Members can use the seats allotted for member network gatherings in their benefits package. One seat grants access for one person to attend this meeting and any recurring meeting associated with this discussion group during your membership term. Just register on this page. SB will allocate the seat(s) for your team accordingly.

As a reminder, discussion groups are designed to meet up to four times per year based on the needs of the participants. They also have the ability to transition into a working group with a distinct deliverable, if the group aligns on funding, timing and necessary support for delivery.


Meeting Details


  • SB Introductions
  • Understanding the Brand Intersectionality of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice 
  • Working Breakout Groups 
  • Wrap Up


Meeting Venue

This discussion will be hosted virtually on the Zoom Meetings platform.