SB’s Guidebook to Accelerating Sustainable Business Transformation


Navigate your path toward enhanced brand sustainability with key insights, actionable steps, and a holistic framework that defines a roadmap for good growth

Addressing challenges through sustainable innovation

Businesses are facing a wide range of complex challenges, including pressures with new sustainability disclosures, a variety of disruptions to operations and supply chains, an evolving workforce expecting inclusivity, belonging and flexibility, as well as increasing customer demand for transparency, circularity and positive impacts across the value chain – to name just a few. The multitude of crises we are experiencing globally are deep, interconnected and converging more and more as we go, resulting in the need for serious, holistic solutions instead of surface-level-only treatment.

Sustainable businesses address the many interconnected relationships that brands and their customers have with the world — socially and environmentally — to reduce harm to people and the planet, while striving for net-positive outcomes and impacts. Sustainable business transformation can provide companies with advantages that include strong brand reputation, increased employee and customer loyalty, improved resource productivity, better risk mitigation, and a boost in medium-term and long-term ROI, among many others.

Sustainability influences customer demand and behavior 

According to the SB Socio-Cultural Trends Research™, 96% of US citizens try to behave in ways that protect the planet, its people, and its resources — a number that has remained consistent over the past three years. People are looking to brands for leadership: 70% believe that companies provide products or services that help them live in a more sustainable way, and 78% say they support companies that act sustainably by purchasing their products or services. When it comes to brand trust, SB research shows that taking concrete steps towards increased brand sustainability through internal initiatives and actions is the primary driver. Authentic brand transformation starts from the inside and moves across all touchpoints of the business.

Overcoming obstacles with actionable steps

Achieving sustainable business transformation is a vital goal for brands in today’s world. However, the path to successful transformation can be complex and multifaceted. By approaching brand transformation through the lens of a holistic framework, brands can streamline their sustainability efforts and increase the likelihood of successful transformation as they innovate towards a more sustainable future.

SB’s Guidebook to Accelerating Sustainable Business Transformation offers actionable steps and valuable insights to help companies and leaders responsible for driving growth gain a deeper understanding of sustainable innovation and internal brand-transformation strategies, enabling them to prioritize these initiatives effectively. By aligning business practices and operational processes with stakeholder expectations, brands can leverage their innate purpose and capacity for shifting customer demand and behaviors, enabling them to establish market-leading positions and a competitive advantage.

Join leading brands in the collective movement to drive business and society toward a more sustainable future. By downloading and adopting this guidebook, you and your colleagues can set your company on a path that not only deepens their impact and relevance, but also begins to transform our shared future.

Gain new insights. Make transformative connections. Turn ideas into actions.

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