In our rapidly changing world, the role of brands in society is being redefined. To remain relevant to a new consumer and resilient in a changing world, brands must meet new needs and solve big challenges. From climate change to resource scarcity, inequality and injustice, now more than ever consumers expect brands to stand for more than just the products they sell. They expect brands to meet their needs while helping to solve the big challenges of our time. By harnessing the power of brands to influence culture, unite people around shared values and beliefs and drive behavior change at scale, we can create a new future where everyone can thrive and has a fair chance at living the Good Life. To meet this moment, BBMG and Sustainable Brands joined together with a pioneering group of global brand leaders – including Procter & Gamble Company, The Estée Lauder Companies, Happy Family Organics, Keurig Dr Pepper, Target, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, National Geographic, HEINEKEN USA and VEOCEL™ – to create The Pull Factor Project, a precompetitive, cross-industry collaboration to unlock the dynamics of desire and make sustainable living easier, aspirational and more rewarding for more people around the world.

Together, we asked: How might we increase brand relevance, drive deeper engagement, and fuel a culture of sustainable living for all?

A New Way to Build Brands

The Pull Factor Framework is a new way to build brands, one that unites what people want with what the world needs and what brands uniquely offer.

Through this framework, brand and marketing leaders can unlock ideas that will be transformative for their brands, fuel brand growth and increase consumer relevance, participation and evangelism.


Get the Deeper Dive

In this Pull Factor Project workshop, we will reveal this new actionable toolkit for marketers and brand leaders to create cohesive communications that can shape culture and behavior toward sustainable lifestyles.

  • 7 need states that reflect consumers’ deepest desires, unmet needs, and core values that they live by everyday.
  • 9 data-driven, expert-validated sustainable behaviors that could create real change if brands leverage their scale and influence to bring consumers along.
  • Best in class brands uniting consumer needs and sustainable behaviors that will inspire transformative ideas for your brand.


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