Meeting Overview

Measurement is the cornerstone of any successful sustainability program. Metrics allow brands to connect sustainability with profitability while showing stakeholders where the business stands and building a vision for where the company is headed.

The SB Corporate Member community is on the leading edge of new and evolving approaches to metrics that gauge progress toward a flourishing and regenerative future. At this meeting, we will explore how members of our cohort are expanding the way that value creation is measured while attracting and retaining sustainably-minded investors, building new frontiers in science-based targets and accelerating transparency in goal-setting and reporting for racial equity.

Corporate Members will be the first to examine emerging trends and insights from the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap℠ assessment tool. Detailed data on the collective progress brands are making within key organizational dimensions—Purpose, Brand Influence, Operations & Supply Chain, Products & Services, and Governanceis painting a picture of the corporate sustainability landscape and highlighting areas where brands may need support. Join your fellow members to find that support in a two-day forum where we will learn from one another and challenge each other to improve.

The Chief Financial Officer is key to any conversation around value creation for the business. Members are encouraged to bring their CFO and members of their finance team to this meeting, to involve other branches of the business in the vision for creating the next sustainable economy.


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Preliminary Agenda

September 16 & 17, 2020

Meeting will run from 8:00am - 12:00pm PDT / 11:00am - 3:00pm EDT each day.
Agenda details in development; check back soon for updates. 

Interested in presenting? Reach out to Alexandra

Welcome & Introductions
Dan Lewis, CEO, Convoy

Panel Discussion: Going the Extra Mile to Drive Purpose into Products
Jennifer Wong, Head of Sustainability, Convoy

Attracting sustainably-minded investors: What is the value-add of operating a sustainable brand? How do you position this value-add to draw in and attract investors who align with your sustainability focus? 

Retaining sustainably-minded investors: To keep investors in the loop, metrics & reporting must show that you are truly making an impact. How do you prove out that you are performing? 

Community Problem Solving: Science-Based Targets
Al Iannuzzi, Vice President Sustainability, Estee Lauder Companies
Ran Tao, Director, Sustaiability, Estee Lauder Companies

This problem-solving session will explore approaches to meeting science-based targets, particularly targets for scope 3 emissions reduction. Estee Lauder will describe their current position with regards to their scope 3 emissions goals and will lead a session to surface common challenges, best practices, and possibilities for collaboration. 

SB Insights: Initial Trends from the Brand Transformation Roadmap
Alexandra Smith, Senior Manager, Sustainable Brands  
Cynthia Figge, CEO, CSR Hub

Case Studies: Fostering Transparency in Reporting and Goal-Setting for Racial Equity

  • Equity at the Executive and Board Level
  • Equity in the Supply Chain
  • Equity in Serving your Customers

Presentation: New Approaches to Measuring Social Impact Metrics

Who Should Attend

This meeting is exclusive to the SB Corporate Member Network.

Private member meetings* provide an opportunity for members to connect in an intimate, small group environment, sharing challenges, solutions and best practices to successfully drive market-leading better brands.

*All SB member meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.


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