Meeting Overview

Join us for a virtual workshop that will help you to take your leadership skills to the next level as you push through and emerge from the current crisis.

COVID-19 has muddied the waters for many of us. Some companies have altered or scaled back their sustainability plans to adapt to new health and safety guidelines, while many consumers see the crisis as evidence that corporate social responsibility is more important now than ever before.

In this virtual meeting, SB’s corporate and affiliate members will explore how COVID-19 has impacted the corporate sustainability journey. Which hurdles are we likely to face moving forward? Where will we need to lean in, and what leadership skills will we need in order to be successful? Throughout the day, we will tackle provocative questions and hear varied perspectives, including what senior executives are saying about how they’re leading during this time.

We will identify what it means to lead in this new context, across five categories that are critical to a sustainable business - governance, brand influence, products & services, purpose, and operations & supply chain. SB will highlight the roadblocks that often stop us from making meaningful progress - both generally, and in the context of the current crisis. Members will break into small groups to connect on the hurdles that they face and learn directly from each others’ experience, building a visionary model for how best to emerge from the crisis.

Throughout the day, we will tackle provocative questions and hear varied perspectives. This workshop will also include regular networking breaks to reinforce the value of community and cultivate connections at a time when we need them the most.

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Wednesday, June 3

8:00am - 8:20am PT | Welcome & Introductions
Darren Beck, Vice President, Membership, Sustainable Brands

Spend some time getting to know your fellow members in intimate breakout groups. 

8:20am - 9:00am PT | Brand Transformation and Our Community 
Darren Beck, Vice President, Membership, Sustainable Brands
Paula Alexander, Director Sustainable Business, Burts Bees
Loa Dalgaard Worm, Strategic Director, FSC Danmark
Jillian Swift, Director of Ownership Communications & Marketing, Major Appliances - Ownership Solutions, Electrolux

Explore how corporate and affiliate members have been able to build a common understanding of their sustainability journies through using the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap. Members will speak to their progress thus far and to the process of uniting brands within their business to plan for the future.  

9:00am - 9:10am PT | Break

9:10am - 9:25am PT | A Better Way 
Sandra Pina, General Director, Quiero

A new global project is gathering the input of key thought leaders to distill guidance on what the current crisis calls for. The project explores how we can improve sustainable development from a business perspective after COVID-19, through 100 global conversations with experts from Europe, Asia and the USA. Get an exclusive look at the first readouts from the project. 

9:25am - 10:00am PT | Leadership Workshop 
Dimitar Vlahov, Expert Advisor, Brand Transformation

SB will break down the skills that are critical for reaching the highest levels on the Brand Transformation Roadmap. Common hurdles and roadblocks will be examined, and members will self-select one of five areas to work through in small breakout groups.

10:00am - 10:15am | Workshop Breakout Groups 

10:15am - 10:25am PT | Break

10:25am - 10:55am |  Workshop Breakout Groups 

10:55 am - 11:00am PT | Readouts: Leadership Workshop
Dimitar Vlahov, Expert Advisor, Brand Transformation

Members will work in small breakout groups to connect on the hurdles that they face and learn directly from each others’ experience, building a model for how best to emerge from the crisis.

11:00am - 11:15am PT | Time to Take Action
Andrew Winston, Founder, Winston Eco-Strategies

As a member cohort, we can collectively harness the opportunity offered in this moment, recognizing all that we have learned about the world and business in the last two months - both good and bad. Let's commit to keeping the level of ambition and focus that so many of us have achieved thus far.

11:15am - 11:30am PT | Closing Remarks
Darren Beck, Vice President, Membership, Sustainable Brands

We will gather readouts and feedback, and announce a new benefit for corporate members.



Who Should Attend

This meeting is exclusive to the SB Member Network.

Sustainable Brands Members are industry leaders who are united in search of the answer to one key question – How can their brand prosper while leading the way to a better future? In addition to gathering in person at annual SB Conferences and other SB events, private* member meetings provide an opportunity for members to connect face-to-face in an intimate, small group environment to share challenges, solutions and best practices to successfully field market-leading better brands. This meeting focuses on the theme of transformational leadership. The meeting is open to all representatives from member companies.

*All SB member meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.


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Meeting registrants will receive web conference information for this virtual meeting.