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The landscape of environmental, social and governance topics is expansive. While companies can set a sustainability strategy and goals based on a long-term view of materiality, some issues can quickly rise to the surface and become a high priority for brands to address in our rapidly evolving world.

Most recently, brands have leaned in on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis while working to acknowledge and address systemic racism within their walls and more broadly.

As a diverse network of agencies, consultants, nonprofits and more, the SB Affiliate Member community is united in our shared goal—to help businesses achieve even more success by becoming sustainable brands.

How do we help brands to integrate necessary pivots, such as responding to COVID-19, while keeping on track towards their long-term sustainability goals?  

Join your fellow members in a pre-competitive setting to discuss this provocative question. Find inspiration, build insights, make connections and uncover best practices.


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Thursday, August 6, 2020


8:00AM - 8:15AM PT / 11:00AM - 11:15AM ET I Welcome & Introductions

Darren Beck, Vice President, Membership, Sustainable Brands


8:15AM - 8:30AM PT / 11:15AM - 11:30AM ET I Icebreaker Groups

Get to know your fellow members.


8:30AM - 8:50AM PT / 11:30AM - 11:50AM ET I What Consumers Want

Suzanne Shelton, CEO, Shelton Group

As a sustainability marketing expert with deep experience in the energy and environment space, Suzanne will share recent metrics on how customers expect brands to show up during these unprecedented times.

8:50AM - 9:00AM PT / 11:50AM - 12:00PM ET I Q&A


9:00AM - 9:20AM PT / 12:00PM - 12:20PM ET | Molding the Message

Lindsey DeWitte, EVP Purpose+Sustainability at Barkley and President at Crossroads
Allyssa Kennedy, Director, Purpose+Sustainability at Barkley

Current global crises have sparked a greater interest in accelerating sustainability initiatives among Barkley clients. The agency is working with brands to view recent pivots as integral parts of their more holistic sustainability strategies. Barkley will share three examples from their recent work with clients to show how brands can leverage their purpose to be useful in crisis.

9:20AM - 9:30AM PT / 12:20PM - 12:30PM ET I Q&A


9:30AM - 9:45AM PT / 12:30PM - 12:45PM ET I Break


9:45AM - 10:05AM PT / 12:45PM - 1:05PM ET I Changing the Game

Sarah Boyd, Senior Consultant, Sphera

Along with revisiting their purpose and messaging, brands are also adjusting internal sustainability focus in response to recent events. Sustainability consultancy and software house Sphera will provide examples of how their clients are rethinking their current approach to packaging and leaning in on science-based targets.

10:05AM - 10:15AM PT / 1:05PM - 1:15PM PT I Q&A


10:15AM - 10:45AM PT / 1:15PM - 1:45PM ET I Open Discussion


10:45AM - 11:00AM PT / 1:45PM - 2:00PM ET I Wrap-Ups & Takeaways

Darren Beck, Vice President, Membership, Sustainable Brands


Who should attend:

This meeting is exclusive to the SB Affiliate Member Network.

Private member meetings* provide an opportunity for members to connect in an intimate, small group environment, sharing challenges, solutions and best practices to successfully drive market-leading better brands.

*All SB member meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.


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