2023 Brand Guide


Creating an advantage in the marketplace through sustainable and innovative solutions that influence consumer behavior

A Massive Opportunity for Brands

As an integral part of mainstream culture, brands have the power to shape popular opinion and trends, create a sense of identity and belonging, and share their mission and values with a wide audience. By engaging with consumers and other stakeholders on sustainable practices and behaviors, brands can drive a culture of sustainable living that results in lasting positive win-win change. 

As sustainable living becomes ever more popular, consumer demand for sustainable product and service innovation keeps growing. This dynamic allows brands to leverage new business opportunities and actively participate in reshaping the future of our society and environment. By creating brand-led solutions that foster sustainable shifts in culture and behavior, brands can gain competitive advantage, increase relevance and strengthen brand affinity - all while positioning themselves at the forefront of using the power of brand influence for good.

Insights on Driving Consumer Behavior Change

Behavior change can be a difficult process, and there are various models and frameworks to help people understand and overcome obstacles. Building from proprietary research, combined with additional lessons from top-notch resources in this space, Sustainable Brands identified a short list of behaviors that will have the greatest impact on the planet and its people when adopted at scale. The SB Nine Sustainable Behaviors™ are written to be as consumer-friendly, approachable and accessible as possible. Supporting and enabling these behaviors presents massive opportunities for brand leadership to drive material positive impact and propel society towards sustainable living.

Case Studies and Actionable Steps

SB’s Brand Guide to Driving Sustainable Behavior Change reveals where consumers are currently taking action across these nine behaviors, in addition to which three specific behaviors people believe companies should be prioritizing. In addition to these insights, this guide also provides case studies, a list of other helpful resources, and five actionable steps that brands and marketing teams can take to drive sustainable behavior change at scale.

Join leading brands in the collective movement to drive society toward a more sustainable future. By supporting and adopting this guide, brands can set themselves on a path that not only deepens their relevance and recognition, but also begins to transform the cultural stories shaping our shared future. 


SB Brand-Led Culture Change

To dive deeper into the nuances of how to drive good growth by shifting consumer demand through the encouragement of sustainable lifestyles, attend the annual SB Brand-Led Culture Change conference in May in Minneapolis. Connect with your peers while gathering insights, creating new relationships, and discovering tools to align your brand's success with changing culture, lives and society.

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