Discussion Group Overview

Discussion Groups, which complement larger Member Meetings during the year, enable you to dig into a specialized subject area with a smaller group of peers on a regular basis.

Today, 9 in 10 consumers believe Brands should do more to advance the world we live in, and 8 in 10 pledge their purchasing loyalty to those that do. Research supports that trend among institutional investors: 90 percent of whom see long-term fiscal connections to ESG efforts and impacts. In an ever-changing environment, brands face a marketplace ripe for transformative corporate leadership focused on social good, purpose for the planet and progress for the people. 

As B2B Affiliate providers, ensure your expertise is capable of elevating multinational Brands into the ESG expectations of the future, and discover how other firms are creating solutions for corporations' biggest concerns. 

This specialty Discussion Group will center on how Affiliate Members can support a Sustainability Value Proposition that creates a path for profit and purpose. We will cover: 

  • Trends, Business Needs and Offerings

  • Integrating ESG throughout Corporate Structures

  • Sustaining a Relevant Brand in a Changing World 

With more than 500 active members across 80 companies around the world, Discussion Groups are premier opportunities to create solution-oriented spaces within the member network. By supporting the Groups through Discussion leadership roles, you can empower your member voice and contribute directly to the thought leadership and improved ESG of tomorrow. Members interested in acting as a Discussion Group Chair, Co-chair, or Secretary receive a complimentary member attendance seat for their time and commitment. Current members can submit an inquiry form here, and a Sustainable Brands champion will contact you. 


Who should attend:

This Discussion Group is specifically for SB Affiliate Members and select SB Corporate Members who are invited to participate. Through this discussion, our expert Affiliate network will collectivize and share their business tactics and offerings to strengthen the business case for ESG and CSR-related programs. We encourage Affiliate members who are responsible for strategic Brand and sustainability planning, R&D, supply chain management, product design, financial and impact reporting to join this Discussion Group, along with any others who are able to contribute to the topic. 

How to attend and participate:

SB Affiliate and Corporate Members can use the seats allotted for member network gatherings in their benefits package. One seat grants access for one person to attend this meeting and any recurring meeting associated with this discussion group during your membership term. Just register on this page. SB will allocate the seat(s) for your team accordingly.

As a reminder, discussion groups are designed to meet up to four times per year based on the needs of the participants. They also have the ability to transition into a working group with a distinct deliverable, if the group aligns on funding, timing and necessary support for delivery.


Meeting Details


  • SB Introductions
  • The Bottom Line of Corporate ESG
  • Working Breakout Groups 
  • Wrap Up


Meeting Venue

This discussion will be hosted virtually on the Zoom Meetings platform.