Discussion Group Overview

Discussion Groups, which complement larger Member Meetings during the year, enable you to dig into a specialized subject area with a smaller group of peers on a regular basis.

Today’s investments into social impacts, like equity, access and opportunity, are significant societal threads key to sustaining a conscious brand for tomorrow. Through their newly launched Model of Human Progress, Ford hopes to drive stakeholder improvements from the inside-out. We’ll spend time identifying our Brand’s social good, sharing frameworks to measure social impact, and transforming those metrics into authentic messaging. Members in this Discussion Group will identify shared challenges, opportunities and effective methodologies to better capture positive social value, which include the following topics:

  • Social Good

  • Measurement Models and Metrics that Matter

  • Cross Sectionality Tools for Global Industries

  • Strategies for Communicating Positive Social Metrics

This discussion will be led by Group Chairs Rebecca Shelby, Social Sustainability at Ford, and 
Tiffany Jarnigan, Manager, ESG Process and Innovation at HPE. They will be supported by Discussion Group Secretary Gina Rau, Senior Director of Brand, AHA. With their respective expertise, applicable experiences in Member organizations and collective leadership, they will curate a protected forum for collaboration and solution-oriented activities. 


Who should attend:

This Discussion Group is specifically for SB Corporate Members and select SB Affiliate Members who are invited to participate. Through this discussion, Members have the unique opportunity to critically consider, ideate and develop actions for ESG challenges facing brands around the world.  As a critical component of any comprehensive ESG strategy, this Discussion Group is designed for Members who are responsible for CSR, DEI, stakeholder relations, communications & marketing, data mining, impact strategies, and innovative social solutions at scale. We encourage those across the value chain to attend and participate in each of our Discussion Groups.

How to attend and participate:

SB Corporate and Affiliate Members can use the seats allotted for member network gatherings in their benefits package. One seat grants access for one person to attend this meeting and any recurring meeting associated with this discussion group during your membership term. Just register on this page. SB will allocate the seat(s) for your team accordingly.

As a reminder, discussion groups are designed to meet up to four times per year based on the needs of the participants. They also have the ability to transition into a working group with a distinct deliverable, if the group aligns on funding, timing and necessary support for delivery.


Meeting Details


  • SB Introductions
  • Understanding Social Impact through Social Good
  • Ford: Model of Human Progress 
  • Working Breakout Groups 
  • Wrap Up


Meeting Venue

This discussion will be hosted virtually on the Zoom Meetings platform.