Complimentary White Paper

Redefining Value: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business

We are seeing rapid change in the degree to which citizens trust business, the degree to which people care if any individual brand persists, and the degree to which society is beginning to hold business accountable for addressing many of the social and environmental challenges we face. If for no other reason than to respond to these shifts, for businesses to persist successfully into this unfolding century of great change, the metrics by which they define and measure the value they are delivering must change as well. Nothing can drive faster organizational response to a changing business environment - or facilitate realignment between corporate functions or within value networks - than a shift in the metrics used to track success.

In 2011, Sustainable Brands launched a series of conversations on this topic, both online and via the New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference. We convened again in 2012, and are now returning for the third annual gathering on September 24-25th at the University of Pennsylvania.

This report provides a recap of key themes and takeaways from New Metrics '12, in the form of reflections on recent lessons, leading case studies and forthcoming opportunities.

The objective has been to bring together thought leaders from business, non-profits and academia to realize three objectives:

  • Understand the rapidly evolving progress towards developing and implementing New Metrics globally
  • Advance the state of the art through focused discussions based on case studies; and
  • Nurture the emergence of new mental models to deliver and benefit from new forms of value.

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